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                            1. Calender
                            2. Ginning machine
                            3. roller
                            4. Proofing machine
                            5. Composite machine
                            6. Bronzing machine
                            7. Calender
                            8. Ginning machine
                            9. roller
                            10. Proofing machine
                            11. Composite machine
                            12. Bronzing machine
                            13. About us

                            14. 80+


                            15. 12000

                              Plant area

                            16. 8000W

                              Output value

                            17. 500+


                            18. Suzhou Senhan Machinery Co.. Ltd. is a hich-tech enterprise in Jianasu Province specializing in the research and developmentof gloss and pattern treatment technology and equipment anufacturing in textile finishing, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking, rubber, plastic, nylon and other industries. The company is located in Taoyuan Town, a famous export garmentmanufacturing town in China.The company strictly implements the lSO90012008 quality management system, has more than 20 large precision machinetools such as CNC roll lathes and a number of hiah-tech talents, and can provide more than 200 fixed medium hich calenderscontrollable medium hiah calenders. uniform medium high calenders. bronzina machines. laminatina machines.PUR hot meadhesive laminating machines, automatic waterproof breathable film 


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                            19. Technology R&D

                              We are specialized in the research and development of gloss and pattern treatment technology in textile finishing, textile printing and dyeing, paper making, rubber, plastics and other industries, as well as a number of technical research and development personnel.

                            20. Well appointed

                              Large precision machine tools with more than 20 units, such as CNC silver rolling machine, can provide more than 200 units of complete equipment and more than 1000 rolls for domestic and foreign markets every year.

                            21. Brand quality

                              Quality inspectors check the quality of the products at all levels, and the products strictly implement the ISO90012008 quality management system.

                            22. News

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